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Website & software dev

Are you looking for a software to manage your business data, security and etc we are here to help you Out. We have professional developers that are creative and well trained to solve problems. 

What kind of a software do you want?

We create softwares based on the customers needs, we create softwares like Databasing, Gaming, Security,Trackers, Antivirus, Nertworking,Livestreaming, Sale software with scanner and etc.

Easy and Simple to Use

To request this service fill out the form on the purchase page, specify your needs or type of software, our sale consultant will come back to you within 10 minutes of submitting.

Electronics Repair, software/hardware troubleshooting

Microsoft Windows Activation

We are Microsoft Certified and we offer fully activated Microsoft Windows. 

Computer/Laptop Repair

We fix any gadget within Two days of delivery.


Microsoft Office Activation

fully activated, with Full features of MS office.

Password & Virus Removal

We remove Password from Laptops,Phones and Tablets provided you have forgotten the password.

Graphic Design & video editing

We offer professional Graphic Design.

Event Posters

We design posters for event advertising, Bussiness Cards, Calendars .

Logo Design

We design company or Brand LOGO, T-shirt LOGO. Our creative team design according to customer's needs. 


TurnoApp Home

Why worry on controlling your electrical appliances, TurnoApp is the ultimate solution. Be updated of every activity happening on your valuable property via TurnoApp.

Features of "im out" mode.

 voice detector communicates with the person at the gate
and sends details to your phone via sms.
House CCTV cameras are livestreamed to your TurnoApp account.
Control electrical appliances via Website/App.
Open gate via Call,Sms, Whatsapp or TurnoApp.

Easy and Simple to Use

Go to purchase menu to request a purchase from our sales departnment, and our trained consultants will call you within 10 minutes of request.


Programming Classes

Further your knowledge with our programming classes which mainly focuses on Java and C. Web developnment languages are also available. This classes focuses mainly on the practical part of programming. We develop projects after every lesson.

Scope and limitations

We offer tutorial and lectures on the following programming languages: PHP, C , JAVASCRIPT, HTML, BOOTSTRAP, CSS, JAVA and SQL.
WE DO NOT give certificates but after completing Web languages we apply for you to write a test from W3schools which issues certificates.


Go to purchase tab and request programming classes and we will come back to you within 10 minutes of request. You are free to ask for quote or for more information send us an email.


 Car Security Service

We ensure that your car is safe from being stolen.
by installing TurnoApp Car Security.

How TurnoApp Car Controlller Works

When your car door/window is opened from outside, an sms is sent to your phone.
When the car engine STARTS a call is received directly to your phone if you hang up the call the engine will STOP, and the car will turn ON the HOOTERS.
CCTV are installed and the video is LIVESTREAMED to the TurnoApp account. 

Easy and Simple to Use

Go to the purchase menu to request a purchase for this Device.


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